by nitzan mager

A collection of short, interconnected stories that take place on video-chat.

executive produced by

We're excited to announce that Quarantine, I Love You is part of this Year's Sundance Film Festival in their Beyond Film Program. 

Visit the QILY page on the Sundance site to find out more. 

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For season 2 of Quarantine, I Love You we are creating and releasing one episode per week, leading up to Election Day. Episodes incorporate up-to-the-moment storylines that follow the unfolding events.

Nitzan Mager Lela Meadow-Conner Kristin

Funding for Season 2 comes from our partnership with Mothership Screenwriters Lab. Lela Meadow-Conner ( and Kristin Beal and Kate Van Steenhuyse (Harvester Arts) team up to executive produce this season, with a focus on women affected by the pandemic (read: childcare, zoom school, access to reproductive care) and a Kansas-NYC connection ('cause it's about time the coasts and the midwest had a heart-to-heart-- just in time for the election). 

Season 1  TEASER: